New Porsche Taycan EV vs. the Tesla Model S

February 20th, 2020 by

The New Porsche Taycan EV Delivers More Power and Luxury than the Competition

There’s exciting news this year: Porsche is releasing its first all-electric vehicle ever, and experts have high praise for the new Porsche Taycan EV. Just look at what the top consumer reports have to say:

  • Wired

“The all-new sport sedan may be the world’s most advanced car… The Taycan moves with the thrust of an electric railgun.”

  • Car and Driver

“Incredible acceleration…Sports-carlike handling…Speedy recharging capability…This electric sports sedan is pure Porsche.”

  • TopGear

“Massively fast, great to drive, quick to charge and practical enough to use every day…Shocking acceleration…Sweet handling.”

  • Edmunds

“Rapid acceleration and world-class handling…Uncommonly fast peak charge rate of 270 kW…Four-door practicality plus two trunks…Very high build quality and interior finish.”

  • Gear Patrol

“If you want pure, exhilarating performance, buy a Taycan…A world-class cabin.”

So how does the new Porsche Taycan EV fare against competitors like the Tesla Model S? Let’s take a look.

New Porsche Taycan EV vs. the Tesla Model S: Tesla Can’t Compete

When comparing the new Porsche Taycan against the Tesla Model S, the first thing you’ll probably notice involves performance. The Taycan blows the Model S out of the water with its 617 horsepower compared against the Model S’s 503 horsepower.

The second major issue that sets the Porsche Taycan EV apart from the Model S involves cabin luxury. Edmunds, for example, praise’s the Taycan’s “very high build quality and interior finish” while saying that the Model S “lacks the luxury polish of similarly priced sedans.”

What kinds of interior luxurious can you look forward to in the new Porsche Taycan?

  • Porsche Connect, an industry-leading smartphone connection system that allows you to use voice control to access information and adjust features whether inside or outside your Taycan.
  • Luxurious cabin materials and finishing that can be personalized based upon your tastes.
  • Standard 8-way power seats with optional seating offering up to 18-way Adaptive Sport Seats with Memory Package.
  • Interior ambient lighting allows you to set the mood.

And this is all just the tip of the iceberg.

Test Drive the New Porsche Taycan EV at Porsche of Tampa

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