5 Reasons Your Should Lease a 2019 Porsche Macan

July 15th, 2019 by

See Why Experts Love the 2019 Macan Compact SUV

Six years ago, the Porsche Macan didn’t exist. One year later, it had already revolutionized the luxury compact SUV segment. Now according to the experts, the 2019 Macan offers nothing short of perfection.

US News Rankings and Reviews declared the 2019 Macan #1 in its class, praising its “athletic handling,” “posh cabin,” “intuitive infotainment system,” and “class-leading predicted reliability rating.” TopGear hails the Macan for its “on-road handling, off-road ability, comfort, practicality, build quality,” and more. Car and Driver says it “drives brilliantly, better than we ever thought a compact crossover could be.” Edmunds applauds its “quick acceleration,” “surprisingly comfortable and composed ride,” and the fact that it’s “easy to customize thanks to a long list of individual options.”

Perhaps Kelley Blue Book sums things up best, saying, “A stunning interior provides all the luxury you’ll ever need, and its performance does justice to its Porsche emblem.”

5 Reasons to Lease the 2019 Porsche Macan Compact SUV

There are many reasons you’ll love the 2019 Macan compact SUV, but here are give that stand out:

  • The Macan Concept

This is what Porsche has named its effort to craft the most unique crossover SUV in the industry, and according to the experts they’ve succeeded. The Macan Concept largely revolves around the model’s gorgeous, one-of-a-kind design aesthetic.

  • Performance

The base Macan offers a zippy 248 horsepower combined with best-in-class handling. Go with the S edition and the power bumps up to a thrilling 348 horsepower, resulting in a 0-60 time of just 5.1 seconds.

  • Improved Screen

The latest Macan features an updated infotainment system boasting an expansive 10.9-inch, HD touchscreen that provides faster access to main system functions.

  • Porsche Connect

The state-of-the-art connectivity of Porsche Connect provides real-time traffic info, navigation, and an app that allows you to sync destinations and soundtracks between your phone and your vehicle.

  • Luxurious Comforts

Your Macan can be equipped for unrivaled luxury thanks to high-quality leather interiors, top of the line sound systems, and the standard three-zone automatic climate control.

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